Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Non-Toxic Oil Painting!

After a very brief period of experimentation with acrylics, I switched to oil paint.

I had always wanted to paint in oil but was scared off by the toxicity of the solvents I believed to be necessary to the process. I was delighted to learn that not only is it possible to paint without turpentine or mineral spirits, it is actually preferable for the longevity of the painting, so I happily began my journey painting in oils

As it turns out, brushes can be cleaned with oil just as well as with solvents and I take care not to eat or drink while using pigments that are risky, such as lead based white, cadmiums and cobalts.

I love working with colorful, thick, buttery oil paint and find it much more forgiving than watercolor, where you really have to get it correct right away.

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