Friday, May 30, 2014

Robert Genn 1936-2014

Robert Genn lecturing in theBugaboos
We have some sad news today. We have lost a great Canadian painter, writer and philosopher. Robert Genn not only created beautiful paintings, he also generously provided advice, encouragement and amusement through his Twice-Weekly Letters. He will be greatly missed.

With Bob's blessing, I did this portrait sketch from a photo I took during our Bugaboo 10 heli-painting trip.

When he saw the work in progress above (I never did get around to adding the detail I had in mind) his response was characteristically eloquent and funny:

OMG!  Quite a shock. I think you got me though. Lugubrious old fart. Getting ready to pontificate. Smug. Don’t do much to it. 
Robert Genn's daughter, Sara, is going to continue the twice-weekly letters, by publishing one of Bob's older missives along with a new one of her own every week.

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