Thursday, November 01, 2012

Robert Genn - The Painter's Keys Twice-Weekly Letters

Robert Genn lecturing in the Bugaboos
I am always happy to plug this inspirational blog for creative people. Robert Genn (that's Genn with a hard G, like God, in case you are wondering) is a well known and very successful Canadian painter, who does mostly acrylic landscape work. Mr. Genn is also a scholar and a poet who sends out, free of charge, two intriguing, helpful and sometimes provocative missives, without fail, each and every week.

I was particularly struck by the letter this week, as it reveals the secret to success as an artist.
Robert's parable in this week's letter involves two artists on two different paths and the one that achieves the most success may be a surprise to you - click here to read the letter!
Here are some hints: GO TO YOUR ROOM! Create a lot of paintings. Burn the duds.

The painting above is based on a photo I shot of Robert Genn when I had the privilege of accompanying him and a bunch of other lucky ducks on a heli-painting trip in the Bugaboo mountains. Mr. Genn graciously granted me permission to create the portrait which is 16x20 inches, oil on canvas. It still needs a few finishing touches, but, hey, I needed a photo for this post!

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