Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog Talk Radio - Artists Helping Artists

When it comes to marketing, I am sorry to admit I am not a great example of getting things done. I have all kinds of ideas, but never seem to get around to actually implementing them. My excuse is lack of time to figure out the technology involved in selling work online.

I recently discovered an online radio show, featured on Blog Talk Radio, which specifically focuses on marketing and selling art. The two painters involved (Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry) have implemented a lot of unique methods for selling their work online and are out to share with other artists.

The Blog Talk Radio site says, "Leslie Saeta is an artist who paints with a palette knife to create vibrant, colorful paintings. Having spent 30 years in marketing her unique combination of talents has led to a successful career in art. Her non-traditional approach to marketing her art on the internet has created her desire to share her art marketing success with others. Artist Dreama Tolle Perry has been capturing the spirit of color in her paintings for over 20 years. Having retailed her work through her own studio/gallery for five years, and more recently online, Dreama brings a broad range of experience to the nuts and bolts of selling and promoting artwork. Sought after as both a workshop teacher and motivational speaker, Dreama is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals in marketing their art."

I have enjoyed listening to already broadcast episodes of the program. Some of the topics have included: daily painting, how to teach art workshops, sending out great newsletters, selling art while you are sleeping, creating an insanely popular blog and using Facebook to sell your art.  If you would like to have a listen as well, here is the link:

Upcoming episodes will delve into the best way to get your work into an Art Gallery, photographing your art and blogger advice.


Leslie Saeta said...

Thanks so much for featuring our radio show on your blog! Dreama and I really appreciate it. I am thrilled you are enjoying all of the episodes!

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for sharing all that valuable information! I hope many more artists are able to benefit from the good advice. I have some other blogs too, if you are interested in checking them out, - portraiture, thinking about painting and so on. . . although I need to start focusing more on the marketing aspect for sure!